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중국 Window of the World 世界之窗
Guangdong, China  
Window of the World (zhì jiè zhī chuāng 世界之窗), located at Overseas Chinese Town (huá qiáo chéng 华侨城), Shenzhen City (shēn zhèn 深圳), Guangdong Province (guǎng dōng 广东), encompasses 480000 square meters. Here you can see vivid replicas of the world's wonders, historical heritages and famous scenic sites. The entire masterpiece is built at ratios of 1:1, 1:5 or 1:15.


역사년표Map BC -AD 1 -600 -1000 -1500 -1800 -1900 -1950 -1980-현재 (1945년이후 10대뉴스)

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