중국 Qujing 曲靖市
Yunnan, China
Qujing City (qǔ jìng shì 曲靖市) is located in the center of the Yunnan - Guizhou Altiplano (yún guì gāo yuán 云贵高原). It is a very important land route connecting Yunnan Province (yún nán 云南) with other parts of China, and thus has been called "the Gate to Yunnan" and "the Throat of Yunnan". The Wumeng Mountain (wū méng shān 乌蒙山) stretches for hundreds of miles, and is high in the northwest and low in the southeast. The Mountain is the watershed of the two water systems: the Yangtze River (zhǎng jiāng 长江) and the Zhujiang River (zhū jiāng 珠江). Qujing is the second largest city of Yunnan Province, with Kunming ranking the first. It is also an important industrial city of Yunnan.


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