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중국 Jiudongtian Scenic Area 九洞天风景区
Guizhou, China
Jiudongtian Scenic Area (jiǔ dòng tiān fēng jǐng qū 九洞天风景区) is located at Dafang County (dà fāng xiàn 大方县), Bijie City (bì jiē shì 毕节市) of Guizhou Province (guì zhōu shěng 贵州省). It covers an area of 80 square kilometers. In the scenic area, it is neither hot in summer nor cold in winter. The vegetations there are green all the year around. Because there are nine branch caves in the area, hence the name Jiudongtian. Jiudongtian Scenic Area is crowned as the Encyclopedia of Karst in China (zhōng guó yán róng bǎi kē quán shū 中国岩溶百科全书) and the Karst Geological Museum (kā sī tè dì zhì bó wù guǎn 喀斯特地质博物馆). 


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