04Jiulong Cave.jpg
중국 Jiulong Cave
Guizhou, China

Jiulong Cave (jiǔ lóng dòng 九龙洞) is located 17 kilometers southeast of Tongren City (tóng rén shì 铜仁市), Guizhou Province (guì zhōu shěng 贵州省). It is on the mountainside of the Guaiyin Mountain (guān yīn shān 观音山) which is on the east bank of Malong Stream (mà lóng xī 骂龙溪). It is a karst cave in large scale. There are various stalactites in the cave, which are in different color and different shapes. It is a famous summer resort in Guizhou. The Jinjiang River (jǐn jiāng 锦江) in front of the cave, and the Liulong Mountain (liù lóng shān 六龙山) at back added more beauty to the Jiulong Cave.

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