중국 Qinhuangdao 秦皇岛 : The Only City in China Named after an Emperor  
Hebei, China  
Qinhuangdao (qín huáng dǎo 秦皇岛) lies in the northeastern part of Hebei (hé běi 河北) Province, at the junction point of Northeast China and North China. Leaning against Yan Mountains (yān shān 燕山) to the north and facing the Bohai Sea (bó hǎi 渤海) on the south. Qinhuangdao received its name from a legend that Qinshihuang (qín shǐ huáng 秦始皇), the first emperor of China, visited the city's coast 2,200 years ago. And he sent two fleets from here to explore its offshore islands where he believed immortals dwelled, after then it got the name of Qinhuangdao. 

Qinhuangdao is a beautiful coastal city. The forestation ratio of the urban area is 41.1%, and the average public green land per capita is 8.3 square meters. There are over 350 days with second-class air quality or above each year. The whole city is like a huge natural oxygen bar. The concentration of negative oxygen ions is more than 7000 per cubic millimeter, 10 to 20 times that in other domestic cities. The fine ecological environment makes Qinhuangdao one of the cities in North China with the best environment for living and making a career.


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