중국 Baoding 保定 : the South Gate of the Capital Beijing  
Hebei, China  
Baoding (bǎo dìng 保定) served for many years as the capital of Hebei (hé běi 河北) province. It acquired the name "Baoding" during the Yuan dynasty, and the name is roughly interpreted as "protecting the capital", referring to the city's proximity to Beijing. It has a long history tracing back to the Western Han Dynasty (xī hàn 西汉). It was destroyed by the Mongol (měng gǔ 蒙古) in the 13th century, but after the Mongol established the Yuan Dynasty (yuán cháo 元朝), it was rebuilt. The city's streets follow a rough grid pattern, although this is less obvious in the older part of the city. The traditional main street of old Baoding is Yuhua Road (yù huá lù 裕华路), running from the city's centre to its eastern edge and most of Baoding's historic buildings are located in this area, along with some of its larger shopping centres. 

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