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중국 The Mountain Resort 避暑山庄 and its Outlying Temples, Chengde  
Hebei, China  
The Mountain Resort (bì shǔ shān zhuāng 避暑山庄), located in the city of Chengde (chéng dé 承德) in northeastern Hebei province, is China’s largest imperial garden. Twice the size of Beijing’s Summer Palace, construction spanned nearly ninety years, beginning under Emperor Kangxi (kāng xī 康熙) in 1703 and lasting through the greater part of Emperor Qianlong’s (qián lóng 乾隆) reign. The Mountain Resort often saw use as a de facto second capital as Kangxi set a precedent followed by Qianlong and a succession of other Qing emperors of spending much of the year at the garden. It used to be a summer resort and hunting ground for emperors of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). They also used the palace to organize martial art competitions and receive the elite of ethnic minority groups from around China. In 1994, the Mountain Resort became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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