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중국 Daliangzi River National Forest Park 大亮子河国家森林公园- Xing'an Pearl, Sanjiang Jade  
Heilongjiang, China

Daliangzi River National Forest Park (dà liàng zǐ hé guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 大亮子河国家森林公园) is located the south of the eastern province Tangyuan County (tāng yuán xiàn 汤原县) within a total area of 7171 hectares, was founded in 1987. It is the construction of the first National Park Forest Parks in China. The main body of park is red pine original forest, and the park is a natural ecological landscape zone with stones, rivers, zoological and botanical sights, taking on the character of sight through grand ancient tree, vast forest, clean water, colorful scenery in four seasons and the charming natural scenery. It includes many perfect area: Daliangzi River Rafting (dà liàng zǐ hé piāo liú 大亮子河漂流), Giant Tree Island (jù shù dǎo 巨树岛),  Yuanhai Temple (yuàn hǎi sì 愿海寺) and so on.


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