중국 Heihe 黑河 - the Border City
Heilongjiang, China  
Heihe (hēi hé 黑河) is located in the northeast region of Heilongjiang (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) Province and is the first of the opening border cities of China. The territory of City Heihe starts from the central line of the main course of Heilongjiang River, overlooking Blagoveshchensk (bù lā gē wéi shēn sī kè 布拉戈维申斯克), the capital of Amur State and the third largest city in the Far East Region of Russia. It is a magic land which contains the Aihui Distrct (ài huī qū 瑷珲区), the Border Economic Cooperative Zone, Sino-Russian Border People Trading Zone and the Wudalianchi (wǔ dà lián chí 五大连池) Scenic Zone as well as the 1.72 million local people of all nationalities on their homeland of 68,726 square kilometers have been making the border land prosperous, keeping neighbors in harmony and strengthening the society generation by generation, winning glories one after another.


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