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중국 Mulan Heaven Pool Scenic Area
Huangpi, Wuhan, Hubei, China
Mulan Heaven Pool Scenic Area (mù lán tiān chí fēng jǐng qū 木兰天池风景区) is located at Shimen Town (shí mén zhèn 石门镇), Huangpi District (huáng pí qū 黄陂区), Wuhan City (wǔ hàn shì 武汉市), Hubei Province, covering 4800 hectares. It is regarded as the “Jiuzhaigou Valley (jiǔ zhài gōu 九寨沟) of Hubei, Lushan Mountain (lú shān 庐山) of Wuhan”. Mulan Heaven Pool Scenic Area is divided to scenic resort and leisure resort. The main peak is 520.6 meters above sea level, which belongs to the vein of Dabie Mountains (dà bié shān xì 大别山系). There are gully aspects and lush forests, water continuously throughout the year, which shows the landscape of wetland ecosystems. It is said that General Mulan (mù lán jiāng jūn 木兰将军) watered her horse in the pool when she was on the way to the battle field. And because the pool is with high altitude, then people called this pool Mulan Heaven Pool.


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