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중국 Jiuwan Stream 九畹溪
Hubei, China
Jiuwan Stream (jiǔwǎnxī 九畹溪) is situated at south bank of Xiling Gorge (xīlíngxiá 西陵峡), west of the new county of Zigui (zǐguī 秭归), 20 kilometers away from the Three Gorges Dam (sānxiádàbà 三峡大坝). With the length of 42.3 kilometers, it covers the area of 514.5 square kilometers. The average depth of the Jiuwan Stream is 0.8 meters, and the width of it ranges from 40 to 710 meters. It is sparely populated at the bank of the Jiuwan Stream, and the environment is very pleasant. It was once the place where the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan (qūyuán 屈原) used to give lectures and planted orchid. The Jiuwan Stream Scenic Area is famous for its fancy mountains, clear water, glanderous cliffs, odd stones and famous flowers. It is the top scenic area in Three Gorges Dam which offers exploration, relaxation and sightseeing.


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