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중국 Qingjiang River 清江
Hubei, China
With a total length of 425 kilometers, the Qingjiang River (qīngjiāng 清江) winds its way from west to east through Changyang (chángyáng 长阳) for 148 kilometers just like a bright pearl on the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River. It originates Lichuan (lìchuān 利川), in Hubei Province and joins the Yangtze River in the city of Zhicheng (zhīchéng 枝城), Hubei. The water in the river is so clear that can be taken as a mirror, thus got the name of Qingjiang River. It is regarded as the "mother river of the Tujia ethnic group," the origin of the ancient Ba people (bārén 巴人). It is said that the Qingjiang River is as great as Three Gorges of the Yangtz River, as clear as the Li River (líjiāng 漓江) in Guilin (guìlín 桂林), and as graceful as the Xihu Lake (xīhú 西湖) in Hangzhou (hángzhōu 杭州). The mountains there are lofty and rugged. The water looks dark green, the rocks appear fantastic and the woods are lush and luxuriant. Qingjiang River is cool in summer and warm in winter. The enchanting scenery and rich Tujia ethnic culture have drawn many visitors from home and abroad to this southwest corner of Hubei Province.

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