01Yueyang Tower.jpg
중국 Yueyang Tower  
60 Dongting N Rd, Yueyanglou, Yueyang, Hunan, China  
Yueyang Tower (yuè yáng lóu 岳阳楼), also known as Yueyanglou throughout China, domineers over the west gate of the city-wall tower in Yueyang (yuè yáng 岳阳), Hunan Province, borders on the shore of Lake Dongting (dòng tíng hú 洞庭湖). It has an excellent reputation known as "the Grand Yueyanglou Pavilion" (yuè yáng tiān xià lóu 岳阳天下楼) for its magnificent vigour as well as the majestic structure, and it is also praised as one of the Three Great Towers of the south of China (jiāng nán sān dà míng lóu 江南三大名楼), alongside with the Pavilion of Prince Teng (téng wáng gé 滕王阁) and Yellow Crane Tower (huáng hè lóu 黄鹤楼).


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