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중국 Hunan Provincial Museum 湖南省博物馆
Hunan, China  
Set up in early 1950s, Hunan Provincial Museum (hú nán shěng bó wù guǎn 湖南省博物馆) lies in the Kaifu District (kāi fú qū 开福区) of Changsha (cháng shā 长沙), which is a famous historical and cultural city, adjoining the beautiful Martyr’s Park (liè shì gōng yuán 烈士公园). It has an area of 51000 square meters and the total public building has 29000 square meters. Hunan Provincial Museum is the largest museum of history and art in Hunan Province (hú nán shěng 湖南省), and was chosen to be a National Demonstration Base of Patriotic Education and a AAAA national Tourist Attraction. 


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