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중국 The Surging Waves Pavilion 沧浪亭
Jiangsu, China
Situated in the southwest of Suzhou City (sū zhōu shì 苏州市), the Surging Waves Pavilion (cāng làng tíng 沧浪亭) is one of the oldest gardens in Suzhou. It was originally constructed during Northern Song Dynasty (běi sòng 北宋). And it was the private garden of Su Shunqin (sū shùn qīn 苏舜钦), who is a poet, and gave the name “Surging Waves Pavilion”. And it became famous after the poem written by Ouyang Xiu (ōu yáng xiū 欧阳修). After the death of Su Shunqin, the garden changed hands many times. In the early years of Southern Song Dynasty (nán sòng 南宋), it was the mansion of General Han Shizhong (hán shì zhōng 韩世忠). In the year 1696, during the reign of Emperor Kangxi (kāng xī dì 康熙帝), the garden was reconstructed by grand coordinators Song Luo (sòng luò 宋荦), who moved the pavilions beside the pond to the top of the rockery, and made the painting of Wen Zhengming (wén zhēng míng 文征明) into a stele hanging on the front gate. Though the original appearance of the garden was changed, the ancient woods are still growing there which are partly reflected the style of the Song Dynasty.


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