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중국 Qianshan Scenic Spot 千山风景区
Liaoning, China
Located in the middle of Liaoning province, Qianshan Mountain Scenic Spot (qiān shān fēng jǐng qū 千山风景区) is 17 kilometers away in the east of Anshan City (ān shān 鞍山), and 30 kilometers away in the south of Liaoyang City (liáo yáng 辽阳). The total area of the spot is 125 square kilometers, and there are still 72 square kilometers under construction. Mt. Qianshan means a mountain with a thousand peaks, and actually Qianshan has 999. It is well-known for the marvelous peaks, the precipitous rocks and quaint temples, and enjoys the fame of “The Northeast Pearl”.

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