중국 Penglai 蓬莱市 - Fairyland of the Orient
Shandong, China
Penglai City (Pénglái Shì 蓬莱市), is a port, a town and an administrative subdivision of Yantai City (Yāntái 烟台)in Shandong Province, northeastern China. The port was formerly called Dengzhou (dēngzhōu 登州). Penglai Water City or Water Fortress (shuíchéng 水城), a fortified harbor hidden from the sea, is one of China's oldest military ports, built in 1376 under the Ming Dynasty (míng dài 明代) and is a protected historical monument. It was "the harbor for the fleet of imperial war junks and town for the semi-imperial garrison." The Water City is currently being rebuilt at a cost of 500 million yuan (more than 60 million dollars). There is a plank walk along the cliffs nearby.


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