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중국 Weifang-Kite Capital of the World 潍坊
Shandong, China
Located in the middle of Shandong Peninsula, Weifang (wéi fāng 潍坊) is the heart of the urban agglomerations in Shandong Peninsula. Under its jurisdiction, there are 4 districts, 6 cities, 2 counties, 3 municipal development zones and 1 state-level export processing zone. Weifang has a total area of 15,800 square kilometers and a population of 8.6 million. Renowned as the world’s kite metropolis, Weifang has won the titles including China’s Excellent Tourism City, State-Level Clean City, Model City for Environmental Protection, Outstanding Model City of Aquatic Environment Treatment and One of "China Top 50 Cities for Informatization". It ranks 41st in the list of general strength of the upper prefecture-level cities in China released by the State Statistics Bureau in 2006.


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