중국 04 Tianjin TV & Radio Tower 天津广播电视塔 Tiantaxuanyun
Tianjin, China
Tianjin TV & Radio Tower (tiān jīn guǎng bō diàn shì tǎ 天津广播电视塔), nicknamed "sky tower (tiān tǎ 天塔)", was built in 1991 and has a height of 415.2 meters. It is the fourth highest TV tower in the world after Toronto TV Tower in Canada, Moscow Tower in Russia, and Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, China. Tianjin Tower is located in Hexi District (hé xī qū 河西区) of the southern part of the city. The tower looks like a sword pointing to the sky amidst lakes of shining ripples. Around it is an unobstructed view of land and water with lush vegetation and blossoming flowers. The tower casts its reflection in water. Music adds more glamour to this reassuring serenity. There is a restaurant in the tower at the height of 248 meters to 278 meters which can simultaneously accommodate more than 200 guests and providing a bird's eye view of all Tianjin in this 'hanging restaurant'.

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