03Luntai Huyang Poplar Forest Park.jpg
중국 Luntai Huyang Poplar Forest Park
Xinjiang, China
At the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains (tiān shān 天山), edged on the other side by the forbidding Tarim Basin (tǎ lǐ mù pén dì 塔里木盆地), lies Xinjiang's desert forest, Luntai Huyang Poplar Forest Park (lún tái shā mò sēn lín gōng yuán 轮台沙漠森林公园), as oxymoronic as that may seem. The reason life flourishes in such an arid zone is due to the Huyang poplar trees. Luntai (lún tái 轮台) is the world's largest preserve of Huyang poplars, 27, 000 hectares' worth.


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