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▶중국 The Disappearing History Ⅴ-- The Ancient Tea-Horse Road
Yunnan, China

As its name suggests, the Chamagudao (chá mǎ gǔ dào 茶马古道), literally translated as 'Tea-Horse Road' or 'Tea-Horse Path', was a central trade route for exchanging Tibetan horses and the tea from the interior. The corridor came to play a crucial role in the communication and exchange between the cultures of present-day Yunnan (yún nán 云南), Sichuan (sì chuān 四川) and Tibet (xī zàng 西藏), with the route passing through, among a number of important posts, the volcanic ranges of Tengchong (téng chōng 腾冲), the colourful culture and dwellings of the Khamba (kāng bā 康巴) people in Changdu (chāng dū 昌都), the breathtaking gorges of Lijiang (lì jiāng 丽江), through Tibet as far as Burma and India.


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