Heard and McDonald Islands : 자연, 1997, Australia
- 오스트레일리아 남부해안에 위치하고 있으며 남극대륙으로부터 약 1,700㎞ 떨어져 있음 - 남극주변 섬들중 유일하게 화산활동이 일어나고 있으며 지형학적 진행과정과 빙하작용을 관찰할 수 있음  
- 외부 동식무과 인간의 영향이 완벽하게 차단된 세계적으로 보기드문 초기 원시생태계를 유지하고 있음  

Heard Island and McDonald Islands are located in the Southern Ocean, approximately 1,700 km from the Antarctic continent and 4,100 km south-west of Perth. As the only volcanically active subantarctic islands they ‘open a window into the earth’, thus providing the opportunity to observe ongoing geomorphic processes and glacial dynamics. The distinctive conservation value of Heard and McDonald – one of the world’s rare pristine island ecosystems – lies in the complete absence of alien plants and animals, as well as human impact.

Australia-UNESCO World Heritage


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