Auschwitz Concentration Camp : 문화, 1979, Poland
Auschwitz Birkenau German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp (1940-1945)
- 나찌 히틀러 학살의 산 현장  
- 400만명의 유태인을 학살한 가스실, 철벽, 군영, 고문실 등이 있음

The fortified walls, barbed wire, platforms, barracks, gallows, gas chambers and cremation ovens show the conditions within which the Nazi genocide took place in the former concentration and extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest in the Third Reich. According to historical investigations, 1.5 million people, among them a great number of Jews, were systematically starved, tortured and murdered in this camp, the symbol of humanity's cruelty to its fellow human beings in the 20th century.

Poland-UNESCO World Heritage