Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat : 문화, 1985, Bangladesh
- 바게르하트교외, 갠지스강과 브라마푸트라강 입구에 위치한 고대도시  
- 전에는 '칼리파타배드'로 알려진 이 도시는 15세기경 터키의 울루 칸 자한 (Ulugh Khan Jahan) 이 건설함
- 도시의 기반구조(시설)는 당시의 건축기술 기법이 상당히 발달하였음을 나타내 주고 있음

Situated in the suburbs of Bagerhat, at the meeting-point of the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers, this ancient city, formerly known as Khalifatabad, was founded by the Turkish general Ulugh Khan Jahan in the 15th century. The city’s infrastructure reveals considerable technical skill and an exceptional number of mosques and early Islamic monuments, many built of brick, can be seen there.

Bangladesh-UNESCO World Heritage


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