Banc d' Arguin National Park : 자연,1989, Mauritania
- 대서양 연안 가장자리에 있는 공원으로 모래언덕과 늪지, 작은 섬들, 얕은 연안수로 이루어져 있음  
- 사막과 수생생물의 다양성으로 뛰어난 육지와 바다의 풍경을 연출  
- 다양한 철새들이 이곳에서 겨울을 나며 바다거북, 물개 등이 살고 있음

Fringing the Atlantic coast, the park comprises sand-dunes, coastal swamps, small islands and shallow coastal waters. The contrast between the harsh desert environment and the biodiversity of the marine zone has resulted in a land- and seascape of outstanding natural significance. A wide variety of migrating birds spend the winter there. Several species of sea turtle and dolphin, used by the fishermen to attract shoals of fish, can also be found.

Mauritania-UNESCO World Heritage


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