코아계곡과 시에가 베르데 선사시대 암각화(바위그림) / 코아계곡 선사시대 암벽화
Prehistoric Rock Art Sites in the Coa Valley and Siega Verde (문화 (i)(iii) , 1998), Portugal, Spain
Prehistoric Rock-Art sites in the Coa Valley: 문화, 1998, Portugal
- BC 22,000∼BC 10,000까지의 구석기 시대 바위조각  
- 인간의 예술적 창조성을 보여주는 유적

This exceptional concentration of rock carvings from the Upper Palaeolithic (22,000–10,000 B.C.) is the most outstanding example of early human artistic activity in this form anywhere in the world.

Spain-UNESCO World Heritage


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