Don Juan 06-081 ~ 085
Don Juan 06-081
Canto the Sixth
"And poor Juanna, too -- the child's first night
     Within these walls to be broke in upon
With such a clamour! I had thought it right
     That the young stranger should not lie alone,
And, as the quietest of all, she might
     With you, Dudu, a good night's rest have known;
But now I must transfer her to the charge
Of Lolah -- though her couch is not so large."
Don Juan 06-082
Canto the Sixth
Lolah's eyes sparkled at the proposition;
     But poor Dudu, with large drops in her own,
Resulting from the scolding or the vision,
     Implored that present pardon might be shown
For this first fault, and that on no condition
     (She added in a soft and piteous tone)
Juanna should be taken from her, and
Her future dreams should all be kept in hand.
Don Juan 06-083
Canto the Sixth
She promised never more to have a dream,
     At least to dream so loudly as just now;
She wonder'd at herself how she could scream --
     'T was foolish, nervous, as she must allow,
A fond hallucination, and a theme
     For laughter -- but she felt her spirits low,
And begg'd they would excuse her; she'd get over
This weakness in a few hours, and recover.
Don Juan 06-084
Canto the Sixth
And here Juanna kindly interposed,
     And said she felt herself extremely well
Where she then was, as her sound sleep disclosed
     When all around rang like a tocsin bell:
She did not find herself the least disposed
     To quit her gentle partner, and to dwell
Apart from one who had no sin to show,
Save that of dreaming once "mal-a-propos."
Don Juan 06-085
Canto the Sixth
As thus Juanna spoke, Dudu turn'd round
     And hid her face within Juanna's breast:
Her neck alone was seen, but that was found
     The colour of a budding rose's crest.
I can't tell why she blush'd, nor can expound
     The mystery of this rupture of their rest;
All that I know is, that the facts I state
Are true as truth has ever been of late.
George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron (1788-1824)