Nocturnal Snowing - Fabrizio Frosini

«Let this fluffy snow fall upon our
Dreams and make them shine! »

Set free, 
Your breath smoothens unshaken skies; 
Your perception scratches unopened realities.

Is it a diversion -maybe- for lost thoughts, 
For lost faces and sins? 

Looking the other way out of fear or 
Embarrassment, waking up next morning, 
You should then learn
How to keep alive the drowsing mind, 
While trying to shove away
Her plait of hair, 
Jammed in the eyes of memory.

Ah.. Those haunting memories! 

Was her pain real
When she asserted «That one is my spoiled dress! 
My party dress
Which your eyes, filled with lust, tore off of me..»? 

Hardly a twist of fate that
Multivalent perception which made
Visionary —Fanciful
Your unnecessary waiting.

Because she didn't come back.
Even at dawn. Even in your expectation.

Now your pain screams only through silence
When you sink your fingers deep
Into your bleeding heart —A sheer grief
With no voice anymore
Because day in day out, year after year
Everything becomes habit.

Gazing at the fluffy snow falling, you
Caught a glimpse of her —Along with a
Whiff of her perfume..

Peering deeply into your eyes
She spoke words of hope
Along with a promise -possibly-: 

« A new life is looming beyond the whitened
Fields of your mind »

Hushed words, uttered under her breath, 
Not to scrape the purity of the night.

Was it a prophecy? 
The celebration of a triumph or a
Failure —A bloodcurdling nightmare? 

Enough! I'm fed up! 

I stare at my bloody fingers
And faintly sigh.
Fabrizio Frosini
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