No Life In Life - Annapoorna Atluri

Contemplating about my existence
And the meaning of my life,
I find no absolute answers.
I repeat contemplating
Over the triviality of my existence,
My existence might be a sheer waste.

I am wandering through the woods,
Not knowing where to go.
Want no more perceptions of my existence.
I seek the truth.
I seek the reality.
But I question how it comes,
When there is no reality.

It is a thing in itself
It just exists
No force exists that can change it.
Humans act foolish trying to perceive it
With a desire to reveal its nature

I hate this materialistic world,
I have nothing to do here.
No freedom.
No choice.
Constant fear
Helpless I am

What is there to do here?

I question others.
They say memories,
I feel they are nothing.
Perhaps, stimulators of neurons,
Adding feelings to your acquisitive body
That doesn’t last for a long time

I question others.
They say love,
There is no true love.
Lust and self centered egoism
Voracious appetite to satisfy yourself
Weapon to get out of the feeling of isolation

Where did it start?
Where does it end?
Ebbs and floods of the tides
Origin and Destiny
From nowhere to nowhere
Existing somewhere

There is no life in LIFE

All things that begin must end.
Wish I could dissipate
To the place where I came from
A place that might or might not exist
But fear engulfs me
Dissonance in me
Quest in me to find out the answers
Contrarily there are no answers

There is no life in LIFE
I want life in NO LIFE.

Annapoorna Atluri
2007.8월 Poemhunter의 Top 500-409