Don Juan 06-111 ~ 115
Don Juan 06-111
Canto the Sixth
She stopp'd, and raised her head to speak -- but paused,
     And then moved on again with rapid pace;
Then slacken'd it, which is the march most caused
     By deep emotion: -- you may sometimes trace
A feeling in each footstep, as disclosed
     By Sallust in his Catiline, who, chased
By all the demons of all passions, show'd
Their work even by the way in which he trode.
Don Juan 06-112
Canto the Sixth
Gulbeyaz stopp'd and beckon'd Baba: -- "Slave!
     Bring the two slaves!" she said in a low tone,
But one which Baba did not like to brave,
     And yet he shudder'd, and seem'd rather prone
To prove reluctant, and begg'd leave to crave
     (Though he well knew the meaning) to be shown
What slaves her highness wish'd to indicate,
For fear of any error, like the late.
Don Juan 06-113
Canto the Sixth
"The Georgian and her paramour," replied
     The imperial bride -- and added, "Let the boat
Be ready by the secret portal's side:
     You know the rest." The words stuck in her throat,
Despite her injured love and fiery pride;
     And of this Baba willingly took note,
And begg'd by every hair of Mahomet's beard,
She would revoke the order he had heard.
Don Juan 06-114
Canto the Sixth
"To hear is to obey," he said; "but still,
     Sultana, think upon the consequence:
It is not that I shall not all fulfil
     Your orders, even in their severest sense;
But such precipitation may end ill,
     Even at your own imperative expense:
I do not mean destruction and exposure,
In case of any premature disclosure;
Don Juan 06-115
Canto the Sixth
"But your own feelings. Even should all the rest
     Be hidden by the rolling waves, which hide
Already many a once love-beaten breast
     Deep in the caverns of the deadly tide --
You love this boyish, new, seraglio guest,
     And if this violent remedy be tried --
Excuse my freedom, when I here assure you,
That killing him is not the way to cure you."
George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron (1788-1824)