Don Juan 05-061
Canto the Fifth

That injured Queen by chroniclers so coarse
     Has been accused (I doubt not by conspiracy)
Of an improper friendship for her horse
     (Love, like religion, sometimes runs to heresy):
This monstrous tale had probably its source
     (For such exaggerations here and there I see)
In writing "Courser" by mistake for "Courier:"
I wish the case could come before a jury here.

Don Juan 05-062
Canto the Fifth

But to resume, -- should there be (what may not
     Be in these days?) some infidels, who don't,
Because they can't find out the very spot
     Of that same Babel, or because they won't
(Though Claudius Rich, Esquire, some bricks has got,
     And written lately two memoirs upon't),
Believe the Jews, those unbelievers, who
Must be believed, though they believe not you,

Don Juan 05-063
Canto the Fifth

Yet let them think that Horace has exprest
     Shortly and sweetly the masonic folly
Of those, forgetting the great place of rest,
     Who give themselves to architecture wholly;
We know where things and men must end at best:
     A moral (like all morals) melancholy,
And "Et sepulchri immemor struis domos"
Shows that we build when we should but entomb us.

Don Juan 05-064
Canto the Fifth

At last they reach'd a quarter most retired,
     Where echo woke as if from a long slumber;
Though full of all things which could be desired,
     One wonder'd what to do with such a number
Of articles which nobody required;
     Here wealth had done its utmost to encumber
With furniture an exquisite apartment,
Which puzzled Nature much to know what Art meant.

Don Juan 05-065
Canto the Fifth

It seem'd, however, but to open on
     A range or suite of further chambers, which
Might lead to heaven knows where; but in this one
     The movables were prodigally rich:
Sofas 't was half a sin to sit upon,
     So costly were they; carpets every stitch
Of workmanship so rare, they made you wish
You could glide o'er them like a golden fish.

George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron (1788-1824)