Don Juan 05-066
Canto the Fifth

The black, however, without hardly deigning
     A glance at that which wrapt the slaves in wonder,
Trampled what they scarce trod for fear of staining,
     As if the milky way their feet was under
With all its stars; and with a stretch attaining
     A certain press or cupboard niched in yonder --
In that remote recess which you may see --
Or if you don't the fault is not in me, --

Don Juan 05-067
Canto the Fifth

I wish to be perspicuous; and the black,
     I say, unlocking the recess, pull'd forth
A quantity of clothes fit for the back
     Of any Mussulman, whate'er his worth;
And of variety there was no lack --
     And yet, though I have said there was no dearth,
He chose himself to point out what he thought
Most proper for the Christians he had bought.

Don Juan 05-068
Canto the Fifth

The suit he thought most suitable to each
     Was, for the elder and the stouter, first
A Candiote cloak, which to the knee might reach,
     And trousers not so tight that they would burst,
But such as fit an Asiatic breech;
     A shawl, whose folds in Cashmire had been nurst,
Slippers of saffron, dagger rich and handy;
In short, all things which form a Turkish Dandy.

Don Juan 05-069
Canto the Fifth

While he was dressing, Baba, their black friend,
     Hinted the vast advantages which they
Might probably attain both in the end,
     If they would but pursue the proper way
Which fortune plainly seem'd to recommend;
     And then he added, that he needs must say,
"'T would greatly tend to better their condition,
If they would condescend to circumcision.

Don Juan 05-070
Canto the Fifth

"For his own part, he really should rejoice
     To see them true believers, but no less
Would leave his proposition to their choice."
     The other, thanking him for this excess
Of goodness, in thus leaving them a voice
     In such a trifle, scarcely could express
"Sufficiently" (he said) "his approbation
Of all the customs of this polish'd nation.

George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron (1788-1824)