Don Juan 05-071
Canto the Fifth

"For his own share -- he saw but small objection
     To so respectable an ancient rite;
And, after swallowing down a slight refection,
     For which he own'd a present appetite,
He doubted not a few hours of reflection
     Would reconcile him to the business quite."
"Will it?" said Juan, sharply: "Strike me dead,
But they as soon shall circumcise my head!

Don Juan 05-072
Canto the Fifth

"Cut off a thousand heads, before--" -- "Now, pray,"
     Replied the other, "do not interrupt:
You put me out in what I had to say.
     Sir! -- as I said, as soon as I have supt,
I shall perpend if your proposal may
     Be such as I can properly accept;
Provided always your great goodness still
Remits the matter to our own free-will."

Don Juan 05-073
Canto the Fifth

Baba eyed Juan, and said, "Be so good
     As dress yourself-" and pointed out a suit
In which a Princess with great pleasure would
     Array her limbs; but Juan standing mute,
As not being in a masquerading mood,
     Gave it a slight kick with his Christian foot;
And when the old negro told him to "Get ready,"
Replied, "Old gentleman, I'm not a lady."

Don Juan 05-074
Canto the Fifth

"What you may be, I neither know nor care,"
     Said Baba; "but pray do as I desire:
I have no more time nor many words to spare."
     "At least," said Juan, "sure I may enquire
The cause of this odd travesty?" -- "Forbear,"
     Said Baba, "to be curious; 't will transpire,
No doubt, in proper place, and time, and season:
I have no authority to tell the reason."

Don Juan 05-075
Canto the Fifth

"Then if I do," said Juan, "I'll be --" -- "Hold!"
     Rejoin'd the negro, "pray be not provoking;
This spirit's well, but it may wax too bold,
     And you will find us not too fond of joking."
"What, sir!" said Juan, "shall it e'er be told
     That I unsex'd my dress?" But Baba, stroking
The things down, said, "Incense me, and I call
Those who will leave you of no sex at all.

George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron (1788-1824)