Don Juan 05-091
Canto the Fifth
Before they enter'd, Baba paused to hint
     To Juan some slight lessons as his guide:
"If you could just contrive," he said, "to stint
     That somewhat manly majesty of stride,
'T would be as well, and (though there's not much in 't)
     To swing a little less from side to side,
Which has at times an aspect of the oddest; --
And also could you look a little modest,

Don Juan 05-092
Canto the Fifth

"'T would be convenient; for these mutes have eyes
     Like needles, which may pierce those petticoats;
And if they should discover your disguise,
     You know how near us the deep Bosphorus floats;
And you and I may chance, ere morning rise,
     To find our way to Marmora without boats,
Stitch'd up in sacks -- a mode of navigation
A good deal practised here upon occasion."

Don Juan 05-093
Canto the Fifth

With this encouragement, he led the way
     Into a room still nobler than the last;
A rich confusion form'd a disarray
     In such sort, that the eye along it cast
Could hardly carry anything away,
     Object on object flash'd so bright and fast;
A dazzling mass of gems, and gold, and glitter,
Magnificently mingled in a litter.

Don Juan 05-094
Canto the Fifth
Wealth had done wonders -- taste not much; such things
     Occur in Orient palaces, and even
In the more chasten'd domes of Western kings
     (Of which I have also seen some six or seven),
Where I can't say or gold or diamond flings
     Great lustre, there is much to be forgiven;
Groups of bad statues, tables, chairs, and pictures,
On which I cannot pause to make my strictures.

Don Juan 05-095
Canto the Fifth
In this imperial hall, at distance lay
     Under a canopy, and there reclined
Quite in a confidential queenly way,
     A lady; Baba stopp'd, and kneeling sign'd
To Juan, who though not much used to pray,
     Knelt down by instinct, wondering in his mind,
What all this meant: while Baba bow'd and bended
His head, until the ceremony ended.

George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron (1788-1824)