Don Juan 05-126
Canto the Fifth
This was an awkward test, as Juan found,
     But he was steel'd by sorrow, wrath, and pride:
With gentle force her white arms he unwound,
     And seated her all drooping by his side,
Then rising haughtily he glanced around,
     And looking coldly in her face, he cried,
"The prison'd eagle will not pair, nor I
Serve a Sultana's sensual phantasy.
Don Juan 05-127
Canto the Fifth
"Thou ask'st if I can love? be this the proof
     How much I have loved -- that I love not thee!
In this vile garb, the distaff, web, and woof,
     Were fitter for me: Love is for the free!
I am not dazzled by this splendid roof,
     Whate'er thy power, and great it seems to be;
Heads bow, knees bend, eyes watch around a throne,
And hands obey -- our hearts are still our own."
Don Juan 05-128
Canto the Fifth
This was a truth to us extremely trite;
     Not so to her, who ne'er had heard such things:
She deem'd her least command must yield delight,
     Earth being only made for queens and kings.
If hearts lay on the left side or the right
     She hardly knew, to such perfection brings
Legitimacy its born votaries, when
Aware of their due royal rights o'er men.
Don Juan 05-129
Canto the Fifth
Besides, as has been said, she was so fair
     As even in a much humbler lot had made
A kingdom or confusion anywhere,
     And also, as may be presumed, she laid
Some stress on charms, which seldom are, if e'er,
     By their possessors thrown into the shade:
She thought hers gave a double "right divine;"
And half of that opinion's also mine.
Don Juan 05-130
Canto the Fifth
Remember, or (if you can not) imagine,
     Ye, who have kept your chastity when young,
While some more desperate dowager has been waging
     Love with you, and been in the dog-days stung
By your refusal, recollect her raging!
     Or recollect all that was said or sung
On such a subject; then suppose the face
Of a young downright beauty in this case.
George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron (1788-1824)