Fisht Stadium

Located in the Olympic Park in Imeretin Valley in Sochi, Fisht Stadium was built for the Winter Olympics in February 2014, and hosted the opening and closing ceremonies.The stadium has been reconstructed for the 2018 FIFA World Cup™ and was re-opened in 2017, where the venue hosted FIFA Confederations Cup matches.

Fisht Stadium was originally named after Mount Fisht, a peak in the Caucasus range of mountains. In the local language, Adygeyan, "fisht" means "white head". The silhouette of the arena, which was designed by British architects, resembles a snow-capped mountain peak.

Under current plans, the Russian national team will hold training camps and play some of its competitive and friendly matches in Sochi. Fisht Stadium will also host a whole range of other mass-participation events. Located nearby is Sochi's Formula 1 circuit.

Host City: Sochi
Project: Stadium Reconstruction
Capacity: 48,000*
Location: Olympic Park, Adler district
Home Team: Russia

2018 Soccer World Cup Russia


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