Spartak Stadium

Spartak Moscow, the "people's team", is one of Russia's most popular football clubs. And yet, ever since it was founded in 1922, it has had to make do without its own stadium. The club has played home games at Moscow's Dynamo, Luzhniki and Lokomotiv stadiums, at the Khimki Arena just outside Moscow and even in Ekaterinburg.

In spring 2010, on the site of Moscow's former airfield in the district of Tushino, Spartak started building its own 45,000-seater stadium. The venue hosted its first match on 5 September 2014, when Spartak drew 1:1 with Red Star Belgrade, and was also a 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup stadium.

Spartak Stadium's appearance is a matter of great pride. Its façade takes the form of chain mail consisting of hundreds of little diamonds representing the Spartak logo. The façade can be changed depending on which team is playing. For Spartak matches, the arena is bathed in red-and-white; when the national team is in town, it switches to the colours of the Russian flag. 

Spartak Stadium also houses the Spartak Moscow museum, the official fan club and the club shop. A new underground station has opened nearby.

Once Russia 2018 is over, a new residential development will be built around the Spartak stadium.

Host City: Moscow
Project: New stadium
Capacity: 45,000*
Location: Tushino
Home Team: FC Spartak Moscow

2018 Soccer World Cup Russia


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