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1. The Extraordinary Adventures Of Arsene Lupin
Gentleman Burglar (1907)
  By Maurice Leblanc

1908-Arsene Lupin vs Herlock Sholmes01.jpg

2. Arsene Lupin vs Herlock Sholmes

The Blonde Lady (1908)
by Maurice Leblanc, 

translated by Alexander Teixeira De Mattos


CHAPTER I. Number 514, Series 23 3
CHAPTER II. The Blue Diamond 49
CHAPTER III. Holmlock Shears Opens Hostilities 91
CHAPTER IV. A Glimmer in the Darkness 131
CHAPTER V. Kidnapped 166
CHAPTER VI. The Second Arrest of Arsene Lupin 207
CHAPTER I. The Rue Murillo 249
CHAPTER II. The Shipwreck 296

1909-The Hollow Needle.jpg

3. The Hollow Needle (1909)

  By Maurice Leblanc

1910-813 Maurice Leblanc.jpg

4. 813 (1910)

  By Maurice Leblanc

I. The Tragedy at the Palace Hotel 3

II. The Blue-edged Label 31

III. M. Lenormand Opens his Campaign 55

IV. Prince Sernine at Work 75

V. M. Lenormand at Work 114

VI. M. Lenormand Succumbs 137

VII. Parbury-Ribeira-Altenheim 162

VIII. The Olive-green Frock-coat 192

IX. "Sante Palace" 219

X. Lupin's Great Scheme 254

XI. Charlemagne 272

XII. The Emperor's Letters 291

XIII. The Seven Scoundrels 324

XIV. The Man in Black 352

XV. The Map of Europe 379

XVI. Arsene Lupin's Three Murders 405

Epilogue. The Suicide 434

1912-The Crystal Stopper.jpg

5. The Crystal Stopper (Le Bouchon de cristal, 1912)

6. The Confessions of Arsene Lupin (Les Confidences d'Arsene Lupin, 1913 coll., 9 stories)

7. The Shell Shard (L'Eclat d'obus, 1916)

8. The Golden Triangle (Le Triangle d'or, 1918)

9. The Island Of Thirty Coffins (L’Ile aux trente cercueils, 1919)

10.The Teeth Of The Tiger (Les Dents du tigre, 1921)

11.The Eight Strokes Of The Clock (Les Huit Coups de l'horloge, 1923 coll., 8 stories)

12.The Countess Of Cagliostro (La Comtesse de Cagliostro, 1924)

13.The Damsel With Green Eyes (La Demoiselle aux yeux verts, 1927)

14.The Barnett & Co. Agency (L'Agence Barnett et Cie., 1928)

15.The Mysterious Mansion (La Demeure mysterieuse, 1929)

16.The Mystery of The Green Ruby (La Barre-y-va, 1931)

17.The Woman With Two Smiles (La Femme aux deux sourires, 1933)

18.Paris-Soir (Victor de la Brigade mondaine, 1933)

19.The Revenge Of The Countess Of Cagliostro (La Cagliostro se venge, 1935)

20.The Billions Of Arsene Lupin (Les Milliards d'Arsene Lupin, 1939)

21.The Last Love of Arsene Lupin (Le Dernier Amour d'Arsene Lupin, unpublished)

22.Dorothee, Danseuse de Corde (1923) is not an Arsene Lupin novel, but its eponymous heroine solves one of Lupin's four fabulous secrets.


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