A man was sound asleep on a rainy night and was aroused from his sleep by a drunk pounding on his door at 3:00 AM.
His wife says, "Answer the door!".
So he begrudgingly gets up and goes to the door.

The guy, slurring his words and obviously drunk says, "I need a push!".
The man says, "It's 3:00 AM. No! I can't help you."
And he slams the door. He goes back to bed. 

And his wife says, "What was that all about?"
The man says, "It was a drunk. He wanted a push. I sent him packing. It's 3 o'clock in the morning. I'm not about to out in the rain at this hour!" 

The wife reminded him that they had been in a similar situation and that at about the same hour in the morning, they pounded on a door and got the help they needed. She shamed him and, feeling guilty, he got back up, put on his pants and raincoat and went outside. The guy was nowhere to be seen.

He hollered, "Do you still need help?" "Hey buddy, do you still need a push?"
Off in the distance, he hears a slurred response, "Yeah! I still need a push."
The man says, "Where are you?" 

The drunk responds, "I'm over here on the swing!"


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