01Yongchun Niumulin.jpg
Yongchun Niumulin Ecological Tourist Zone
Fujian, China

Niumulin Ecological Tourist Zone

Known as eco-tourism area of Niumulin(Niúmǔlín 牛姆林), located in Quanzhou (Qúanzhōu 泉州), Fujian Province Western Yongchun County, 70 km away from the county is a national 4A grade tourism area, the first Nature Reserve in Fujian Province, Fujian Province, ecological education base, popular science education base and a small civic morality demonstration bases, is one of Quanzhou 18 King. Niumulin pregnant named because of the situation if the cattle Farm. Its name just like its outside shape so it was called Huai Bao (Huái Bǎo 怀宝).


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