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중국 Qiao Family Courtyard (qiáo jiā dà yuàn 乔家大院)
Shanxi, China

Qiao Family Courtyard Qiao courtyard is located in Qixian (qí xiàn 祁县). The layout looks like a Chinese word “Xi (xǐ 喜)", with the total area of 8,724 square meters. Qiao compound was constructed in Qianlong (qián lóng 乾隆) Dynasty (AD1756), after that, expansion twice and reconstruction once. There was three compounds in north which named laoyuan (lǎo yuàn 老院), xibeiyuan (xī běi yuàn 西北院) and shufangyuan (shū fáng yuàn 书房院) from east to west; And three compounds in south called dongnanyuan (dōng nán yuàn 东南院), xinanyuan (xī nán yuàn 西南院) and xinyuan (xīn yuàn 新院). Qiao courtyard is a famous buildings in the world, not only because it has those magnificent architectural houses, but more importantly because it dramatic architecture technique. Carved brick, wood and painting can be found everywhere.

Location: Qiaojiabao (qiáo jiā bǎo 乔家堡) village, Qixian 


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