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중국 Shaoshan City 韶山市
Hunan, China  
Shaoshan City (sháo shān shì 韶山市) is located at the hilly land in central Hunan Province (hú nán shěng 湖南省), neighboring upon the Chansha (cháng shā 长沙) – Zhuzhou (zhū zhōu 株洲) - Xiangtan (xiāng tán 湘潭) City Cluster. It enjoys excellent natural ecological environment. The subtropical monsoon moist climate with distinctinve four seasons and fresh air gives Shaoshan a good name of Natural Oxyen Bar (tiān rán yǎng bā 天然氧吧). It has 210 km2 land and 100,000 populations. Shaoshan City has been listed into the National Scenic and Historic Interest Area since 1994 and one of China’s first authorized “Excellent Tourism Cities”.


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