중국 Zhongwei 中卫- A Rendition of The Buddhist Hell
Ningxia, China
Zhongwei (zhōng wèi 中卫) where isLocated at the middle west of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (níng xià huí zú zì zhì qū 宁夏回族自治区), Zhongwei borders Inner Mongolia (nèi méng gǔ 内蒙古) Autonomous Region in the north, Wuzhong (wú zhōng 吴中) in the east, Gansu Province (gān sù shěng 甘肃省) and Guyuan (gù yuán 固原) in the south. It is one of the most important traffic hubs in northwest China. Covering an area of 17,000 square kilometers, Zhongwei has a population of 1.012 million, 31.7% of which are ethnic groups and most of them are Hui (huí 回) ethnic group. Map


역사년표Map BC -AD 1 -600 -1000 -1500 -1800 -1900 -1950 -1980-현재 (1945년이후 10대뉴스)

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