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중국 Guancenshan National Forest Tour
Shanxi, China
Guancenshan (guǎn cén shān 管涔山) is belong to Luliang (lǚ liáng 吕梁) mountain as a main river running through the territory of Shanxi (shān xī 山西), which is the birthplace of Fen river (fén hé 汾河). The main hill of Guancenshan is Luya (lú yá 芦芽) mountain which marches with Ningwu (níng wǔ 宁武), Kelan (kě lán 岢岚) and Wuzhai (wǔ zhài 五寨) etc. Guancenshan is the native area of north larch of China. In here, it is a rich forest resource because of lush plants and perfect geology.


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