03Fuzhou National Forest Park.jpg
중국 Fuzhou National Forest Park
Fujian, China
National Forest Park is one of nine Forest Park. Originally called Fuzhou Arboretum, and the Tour, is a comprehensive research park. Fuzhou National Forest Park is located in Xindian Town (Xīndiān 新店) 7 km from Fuzhou city center, and covers an area of 2891 hectares. The forest park is home to over 3,000 species of rare plants. There are several special gardens have been set up for cycads, kittuls, bamboos, trees, flowers and rare species. The Dragon Pond Stream is twisting through the park. The lush plants and clean stream offers a theme of forest ecotourism for the park. Cultural attractions such as ancient post road, stone inscription is very appealing to enthusiasts of history and culture. Also, the park is equipped with abundant recreational facilities and set up as a forestry holiday resort. 


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