03Wulong Mountain.jpg
중국 Wulong Mountain 五龙山
Liaoning, China
Located on the northwest of Dandong City (dān dōng shì 丹东市), Wulong Mountain (wǔ lóng shān 五龙山) (Five Dragons Mountain) Forest Park is 20 kilometers’ distance away from the center of the downtown and is with an area of 64 square kilometers. Mt. Wulong is a part of Changbai Mountain (cháng bái shān 长白山) range with a length of 20 kilometers. The whole mountain is lofty and splendid, just like ridges of five flying dragons. Mt. Wulong has more than 90 peaks, the highest one among them reaches 708.5 meters. Dense trees, mysterious caves, old temples and various animals and plants compose the rich natural and human resources, making the mountain an ideal place to enjoy your vacation.


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