03Mausoleum of Chen Jiageng.jpg
중국 Mausoleum of Chen Jiageng
Fujian, China
Chen Jiageng (Chén Jiāgēng 陈嘉庚) was born in 1874 in Xiamen City. He lived in Singapore for a long time dealing in rubber trade. In his early days, he joined the Chinese Revolutionary League (Tóng Méng Huì 同盟会), established by Dr. Sun Yat-sen (Sǖn Yì Xiān 孙逸仙) in 1905, and raised financial aid for Sun Yat-sen's revolutionary activities as well as opened Xiamen University and other schools. Chen, who devoted himself to the culture and education and other public services for overseas Chinese, as well as for those in his hometown, was a well-known leader of patriotic overseas Chinese.


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