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중국 Yichun 伊春 Travel Guide  
Heilongjiang, China
Yichun (yī chūn 伊春) is located in the northeastern area of Heilongjiang (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) Province, it is bordered by Hegang (hè gǎng 鹤岗) in the east, Harbin (hā ěr bīn 哈尔滨) in the south and Suileng (suí léng 绥棱) in the west. In the north, it is separated from Russia by the Heilong River (hēi lóng jiāng 黑龙江) and sharing a boundary of 246 kilometers (153 miles) with the country. Yichun is a green treasury with diversity of natural resources. In the administrative area of Yichun, the channels and valleys are densely covered with trees and grasslands. In total, there are 702 rivers in different sizes. The greening rate of Yichun is up to 83%. The city is totally covered by trees. In recent years, the city of Yichun has made good use of its forest and ecological resources to develop forest tours. In 2001 Yichun was selected by the National Tourism Administration (guó jiā lǚ yóu jú 国家旅游局) as one of "China's Excellent Tourist Cities".


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