중국 The Disappearing History Ⅶ-- Shanbei 陕北
Shaanxi, China
Shanbei (shǎn běi 陕北) is Chinese holy land of revolution. The Party Central Committee, Chairman Mao (máo zhǔ xí 毛主席), and other proletarian revolutionaries have been living and fighting here for 13 years, leaving a large number of precious revolution heritages, revolution memorial and rich spiritual wealth - the spirit of the revolution in northern Shaanxi (shǎn xī 陕西). There are more than 140 revolution heritages in the city. The most important ones are Fenghuangshan Site (fèng huáng shān jiù zhǐ 凤凰山旧址), Yangjialing Site (yáng jiā lǐng jiù zhǐ 杨家岭旧址), Zaoyuan Site (zǎo yuán jiù zhǐ 枣园旧址), Wangjiaping Site (wáng jiā píng jiù zhǐ 王家坪旧址), Wayaobu Site (wǎ yáo bǔ 瓦窑堡) which is the formal site of Meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, etc. 


역사년표Map BC -AD 1 -600 -1000 -1500 -1800 -1900 -1950 -1980-현재 (1945년이후 10대뉴스)

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