08Huaguoshan Mountain.jpg
중국 Huaguoshan Mountain
Jiangsu, China
Located seven kilometers southeast of the urban Lianyungang (lián yún gǎng 连云港) with a summit of 635 meters over sea level, Huaguoshan Mountain (huā guǒ shān 花果山) is popularized in a well-known Chinese novel "Journey to the West"(xī yóu jì 西游记). It covers an area of 84.3 square kilometers, with 136 peaks. Huanguoshan Mountain is reputed as the No.1 Fairyland in East Sea Area (dōng hǎi dì yī shèng jìng 东海第一胜境). The grotesque rocks, beautiful scene of the sea and historic sites in Huaguoshan Mountain are amazing and attract a large quantity of tourists.


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